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VeriCred Collections was established in 1990 and became a market leader in electronic debt collection and has vast experience in credit control and debt management. Our broad knowledge base, highly trained personnel and international footprint enable us to render an exceptional service to our clients, which includes major corporate clients, government institutions, universities, medical doctors as well as small and medium business enterprises. No client is too big or small. We ensure that arrear accounts are collected ethically and efficiently, while leaving the debtor's dignity intact. We continuously improve our custom developed software to accommodate the requirements of our clients. As a result of our technological advanced infrastructure, we are able to render a nationwide service to our clients. We commit ourselves to handling debtors with dignity and respect.

Client benefits are

: You have nothing to lose but everything to WIN. You only pay for positive results. Your legal fees are reduced. VeriCred Collections delivers where you can't. VeriCred Collections VeriCred Collections

Becoming a Collections Customer

Benefits in becoming a VeriCred Collections Customer: No fee is payable when no monies are collected. VeriCred Collections is totally transparent with our online Reporting. VeriCred Collections' fee is an agreed percentage of the money collected with no initial or extra cost to the client. Your cash flow will improve immediately as debtors can still pay at your pay points. Your staff can be more effectively employed without the stressful and administrative burden of debt collection. VeriCred Collections provides an established national infrastructure. Administrative work can be reduced by means of electronic transfer of debtor information. Progress reports are available. Where the normal VeriCred Collections process is not successful, legal action may be instituted at no extra cost except in defended matters. VeriCred Collections hand delivers letters in areas where there are no postal services. VeriCred Collections utilizes SMS campaigns which has an efficient and immediate effect in the activation of delinquent accounts. VeriCred Collections Verishare